Dental Treks

Tsaataan dental project by the Misheel Kids Foundation

In 2018 Misheel Kids Foundation has started „Dental Treks“ to remote rural areas of Mongolia and every year since then the foundation teams up with Swiss dentists (sponsored by DieZahnaerzte, Dr. Jacques Schultheiss from Basel, Switzerland) for a 2000 Km journey. The goal of these treks is to provide support in areas that do not have adequate dental care.

Equipped with two mobile dental units (thanks to a large donation from the German Embassy Ulaanbaatar) and all the necessary medical dental material (donated by TranswestMongolia) the dentists can perform treatments almost everywhere along the road – even in places without electricity thanks to a generator. Next to the treatments our „dentists on the road“ put the main focus on oral health education to prevent future harm.

In order to support oral health education Misheel Kids Foundation distributes toothbrushes, appropriate for the children’s ages (donated by GumSunstarDe).

Treatments „on the road“ range from check ups and cleanings to root canal treatments, fillings and extractions.

Dental treks consist of up to 10 people including a cook and drivers alongside the dentists. Off-road vehicles (provided by Starchase Automotive LLC, MSM Group LLC, ING Bank, ExpatAdventureTravel & Mrs Tilla Deta (GiZ)), gasoline and food is needed during the whole journey. 

During the stay in Ulaanbaatar hotel rooms for the foreign dentists supporting the project are generously provided free of charge by the Kempinski Hotel Khan Palace

To be able to continue carrying out these dental charity treks we also depend on your help, donations and generosity.

You can join our list of sponsors by making a much needed donation to Misheel Kids Foundation via PayPal or to the Foundation’s Bank Account:

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or german account

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Only together we are able to reach such a success!