Tsaataan Dental Project

Tsaataan dental project by the Misheel Kids Foundation

One year after the initial Tsaataan dental project in 2018, the Misheel Kids Foundation returned to the Eastern part of the Tsaataan and Tsaagaanuur population to provide dental treatment. We left UB on February 28th and returned March 11th, 2019 to UB.

Thanks to a large donation from the German Embassy Ulaanbaatar, the Misheel Kids Foundation was provided with two mobile dental units with all the technical necessities, such as high- and low speed micromotors and composite lights, including a Generator. Due to this high-quality equipment we were able to conduct over 508 dental treatments within 6 working days. We did 130 fillings, 324 extractions, 12 surgical treatments and 9 rood canal treatments on 349 patients. In comparison, in March 2018 we only had one mobile dental unit function, we were only able to treat 90 patients in 5 working days. This donation made a significant difference in the quality and quantity of treatment we were able to provide!

All the medical dental material was donated by @TranswestMongolia, which was an absolute necessity to obtain these results.

Our team of dentist was amazing and very hard working: Yannick Wälty sponsored from @DieZahnaerzte, Dr. Jacques Schultheiss from Basel, Switzerland, and our local Dentists Dr. Nomin Erdene, Dr. Dashbyamba, who is a specialist in pediatric dentistry at Ulaanbaatar University, and Khulan Natasgdori a dental student from Ulaanbaatar.

Without the sponsorship of three Cars and drivers from ING Bank and @ExpatAdventureTravel we would not have been able to reach the Tsaataan population, over 1.000 km away from Ulaanbaatar.

Some of the Tsaataan population travelled over 4 hours by reindeer to obtain dental treatment from us. Some of the western Tsaataan people travelled over 70 km for treatment.

The logistics at the Tsaagaanuur hospital was great. Everything was very well organized even before our arrival, and we had a whole house at our disposal for our stay. At the Eastern part of the Tsaataan location we had 2 Gers, one for dental treatment and one for our stay.

A lot of patients had been suffering from toothaches for several months because the closest dentist is located in Murun, which is an entire daytrip away from Tsaagaanuur. Consequently, all of the patients where extremely grateful.

The Misheel Kids Foundation also conducted dental education at all the schools and Kindergarten of Tsaagaanuur, as well as a donation of over 400 toothbrushes from @GumSunstarDe, appropriate for the children’s ages.

Dr. Anuudari Erkhembaatar and Gabriella Schmidt-Corsitto would like to thank all the sponsors, and especially the Dentists, as well as photographers @Manue Svartz and @Brigitte Hannes for their services. @kempinski.ub Ulaanbaatar generously provided Yannick Wälty with a hotel room for two nights, free of charge.

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