The Dentists

We are working together with 8 registered privat dental clinics in Ulaanbaatar.

These clinics are the Hope Dental Clinic, New Dent Dental Clinic, Prodent Clinic, Enkh Dent Clinic, Western Dental Standart Clinic, PIDC Plastic Surgery Dental Implant Center, Iveelt Dent Dental Clinic and Suun Shudkhen Dental Clinic. They are very enthusiastic and committed partners of our project. All of the dental clinics are established in Ulaanbaatar and employ up to 10 Mongolian dentists.

All the clinics offer lower operational fees and conduct the follow-up examinations and instruction sessions for all children at the orphanage for free.

They keep detailed track of all the work done and of the progress of the children’s dental health over the years.

We appreciate this cooperation, which it is an important contribution to the Dental Project, to provide a brighter smile to Mongolian children.