The Dentists

The Dental Clinic Hope is a registered private dental clinic. They are very enthusiastic and one of the most committed partner of this project. The clinic, was established in Ulaanbaatar in 2002, and now employs 10 dentists.

Dental Clinic Hope has done various volunteer dental works over the years and joined The Foundation for the primary examination at the Lotus Orphanage in March 2016.

The clinic has offered to lower the operational fee and to conduct the three follow-up examinations and instruction sessions for all the children at their orphanages for free.

They will keep detailed track of all the work done and of the progress of the children’s dental health over the years.

During the last few months, we got 4 more offers from dental clinics in Ulaanbaatar to treat those Children for the same costs and conditions than Hope Clinic. Those clinics are the New Dent Clinic, Namuun Dent Clinic, Prodent Clinic and Enkh-Dent Clinic. We appreciate this cooperation as this offer will make a big difference to accelerate the Dental Project to provide a brighter smile to these children.