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Ger-districts in Ulaanbaatar

Mobile outreach in the capital

Of the approximately 2.2 million inhabitants of Ulaanbaatar, more than 800,000 live in the poor districts (ger-districts). Thousands of children live in families that do not have sufficient financial means to visit a dentist. Help is urgently needed. With our new program – trips with our mobile dental clinics to the ger-districts – we offer free, high-quality dental treatment to the neediest local children. In 2022, we conducted two outreaches to these settlements. In the future, we plan to install our mobile units there every quarter – because our help is really needed urgently. This is to reach those children who do not live in the orphanages and daycare centers.

Misheel Kids Foundation | Ger-district

Ger-districts in Ulaanbaatar

Number of children treated in ger-districts in 2022

1st outreach ger-district
407 Children
2nd outreach ger-district
423 Children
Outreach to juvenile detention center
29 Children