Estimated average cost per child : 300.000,00MNT / 120,00 USD

The Project includes the costs of:

  • Evaluation & Assessment (undertaken by a volunteer)
  • Dental education (undertaken by a volunteer)
  • Preventive Dental Treatment on Baby teeth and on permanent teeth, such as root canal treatment, composite fillings, x-rays, extractions, crown to damaged teeth, injections and scaling
  • Individual oral hygiene instruction (undertaken by a volunteer)
  • 3 follow up visits by the dental clinic and the Misheel Kids Foundation

There will be no cost for the 3 follow up examination rounds at the orphanages during the 2-year period, as the Dental Clinic Hope, New Dent, Namuun Dent, Prodent and Enkh-Dent have volunteered to sponsor these free of charge.